UC-Berkeley Professional Sequence in Editing

I am pleased to report that I have completed the four-course professional sequence in editing offered by the University of California-Berkeley’s extension division. The courses in the sequence cover grammar, mechanics, usage, copyediting, and developmental editing. The course content is delivered using the Canvas learning platform, which is offered by Instructure.

The courses, especially the copyediting and developmental editing courses, were enjoyable. The documents that we were assigned to edit were often about San Francisco Bay Area events, people, and places. So I learned some things about Bay Area history and geography, and my desire to visit my nephew in San Francisco has been whetted.

All of the classes were filled with smart, thoughtful people, many of whom are already accomplished writers and editors. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences made for some informative exchanges in the discussion forums. I learned a good deal from fellow students. The instructors are all accomplished professionals as well. One must admire adjunct faculty, who often create careers by weaving together multiple professional opportunities in a variety of settings.

In over thirty years in educational publishing, I learned a thing or two about editing, attention to detail, and content quality. These courses have greatly expanded that knowledge, and I’m looking forward to applying it to projects and assignments from existing and new clients.