What Value Do You Place on Editorial Services?

How do you view editorial services? Do you view publication project management, copyediting, and quality-assurance activities as commodities to be purchased from the lowest bidder or even as dispensable? Or do you see quality editorial services as adding value to your publications and internal documents? Your answer can make a big difference is the quality of your publications.

Two recently published books that I read illustrate this. Both are  works of nonfiction published by small academic publishers. One, which retails for $35.00, contains misspelled words, misplaced punctuation, and other errors. The author is a friend and a careful writer. If the manuscript was copyedited at all, it appears the copyeditor may have actually introduced errors.

The second book retails for $20.00 and is very clean. The author is a family member. I read a draft of the manuscript last summer and it was clean then, but the final version apparently was carefully edited and proofed. I believe the difference between these two books reflects different philosophies toward, and value attributed to, editorial services.

What value do you place on editorial services? I’d welcome your inquiries on any project, large or small, for which you need such services.