A Second Pair of Eyes

A Second Pair of Eyes

A home-improvement contractor drove down our street and stopped in front of our house recently. He was offering free estimates for driveway sealing. I was not in the market for his services, and so I declined the estimate, but I took a business card to be polite.

Everything on the card is spelled properly, but there are several errors in spacing and punctuation. This contractor isn’t offering AP-English tutoring or résumé-writing services, so why should it matter that there are a few errors on his business card? Any small business owner knows that first impressions are important. Regardless of the service that you are offering, the materials that you use to promote your business should give the impression that you are a professional.

Have a second pair of eyes look at your promotional material and even your internal documents that clients don’t see. Those eyes don’t need to belong to a professional editor or proofreader. A detail-oriented family member or friend may catch any errors and may do it for free. If you don’t have ready access to a smart family member or friend, or if the job is too large to ask someone to do for free, hire a professional editor.

I’ve worked in educational publishing for over thirty years. I have experience with the Chicago Manual of Style. I can work with your organization’s house style sheet as well, or even help you create one! I work in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PDF, and WordPress. Send me a message if you have a document, online or print, that needs a second pair of eyes. Thank you!

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